Pipe Fabrication & Errection Projects

Our large, specialized technical team like Pipe fitters, Fabricators, welders, Riggers, Engineers, with modern equipment’s which includes Pipe Mechanical/Electronic Welding System, allows us to execute every type of job, flexibly and quickly. 2,00,000 Inch meters Pipe installation job completed in AL AWEER GAS TURBINE POWER PROJECT of DEWA under Gulf Spic Engineering LLC., Dubai , UAE. Pipe fabrication and installation works completed at Drydocks World, Dubai. Conversion projects are AQUILA, TI ASIA, TI AFRICA, LIVIRNO, RITA, FPSO FRADE, DEEPPRODUCER. Pipe Fabrication & Installation, Steel Renovation at Dry Docks since 12 Years. Renewal of piping systems of ALEXANDRA 1, TAIYOH, at Dry Docks World – Dubai. Complete Pipe renewal job of SKARPOV, at Dry Docks World – Dubai. 1500 MT Pipeline and Structural Erection under Richardson and Cruddas Madras division in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. 2000 MT of Fabrication & Erection of Pipe line and hopper pipe line for Thermal Power Plant of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant under KJ Chacko Engineering Company; 1200 MT Pipe Line, 1.2 Meter dia to 3 meter dia SMS to BF line at Electro steel Ltd Bokaro. 1 Lakh inch meter gas pipeline Fabrication & Erection at Electro steel Ltd Bokaro – ESL.

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